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What if you found a company that was capable of building the best but humble enough to listen? Big enough to invest in product development but small enough to really care about every customer? At Exodus Machines we've set out to be everything you’ve imagined an equipment manufacturer could be…so you don’t have to compromise.

Product Overview

Our success depends on our ability to make a superior product. Maximizing durability, productivity, and efficiency is part of every detail in our machines and we've made maintenance and repair easier through a combination of technology and good common sense.

Model: MX447L
Engine:Caterpillar C9 ACERT Tier III 300hp
Weight: 101,500 pounds
Reach: 50'-2"
Lift at 50': 10,284lbs
Max lift: 42,300lbs

Model: MX447HDR
Engine:Caterpillar C9 ACERT Tier III 300hp
Weight: 111,000lbs
Reach: 58' – 5"
Lift at 55': 11,400lbs
Max lift: 46,180lbs

Model: MX457R
Engine:Caterpillar C9 ACERT Tier III 325hp
Weight: 130,000lbs
Reach: 63’ 5”
Lift at 60’: 13,345lbs
Max lift: 51,670lbs

Key features: High performance purpose built material handler with high efficiency systems and a stout structural design with an Exodus exclusive chassis. Ground access cab*; IQAN machine monitoring and controls; 59" wheels; 4 independent planetary drives with true all-wheel-drive; high clearance undercarriage with completely protected components; extensive auto-lube system; proprietary hydraulic controllers with Bosch Rexroth pumps; large comfortable cab with AC and tinted glass; American made with American parts**

*US Patent #7997369
**American components and materials are used when possible