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What if you found a company that was capable of building the best but humble enough to listen? Big enough to invest in product development but small enough to really care about every customer? At Exodus Machines we've set out to be everything you’ve imagined an equipment manufacturer could be…so you don’t have to compromise.

Product Development:

We started with a clean-sheet, and then spent hundreds of hours interviewing people that live with these machines every day - machine operators, maintenance personnel, and owners/GMs. We asked them to dream a little and tell us what they would want if they really could have it all. That drove us to push even harder.  To go beyond the bar that has been set.  To raise the standard to the next level.

Purpose built

Everything about our machine is designed to do one thing well – move material. Exodus engineers along with our suppliers, have created a mechanical orchestra of sorts where all the components and systems work together to enhance the capabilities of the others. Being purpose built is the only way this can be done to the fullest extent.

Design intent

At Exodus we are determined to build the best machines available anywhere in the world and build them in America.  We know this is a tall task and it may not seem possible to some but we will accept nothing less.

Design philosophy

Our design philosophy is to build machines where customers don’t have to compromise between one great attribute and another.  As a result, “No compromises” has become our mantra. We incorporated the best ideas, components, materials, engineering processes, and manufacturing processes that we could find from a variety of industries – then we took it one step further by introducing Exodus innovations.

Product Development