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What if you found a company that was capable of building the best but humble enough to listen? Big enough to invest in product development but small enough to really care about every customer? At Exodus Machines we've set out to be everything you’ve imagined an equipment manufacturer could be…so you don’t have to compromise.

Parts & Service

It's pretty simple. Make parts and service available quickly, charge a reasonable price, provide help from people that are knowledgeable and want to help, and stand behind your product no matter what.


  • Our people are accessible and knowledgeable
  • Our Regional Business Managers located across the country
  • We have a growing dealer network that aligns with the Exodus way of doing business
  • We desire to have a direct connection with customers because we believe it’s our best strategy for success
  • Our factory and dealer teams are dedicated and focused on being the best at what they do


  • Immediate availability at your dealer or in our warehouse
  • Our standard is for shipments go out the same day that they are ordered
  • Our factory and dealer margins smaller so you can save 10-50% for comparable parts from other manufacturers
  • Common parts like fittings, hoses, filters and electrical plugs are widely available – Parker and Donaldson filters, Gates and Parker fittings/hoses, Deutsch electrical plugs


  • Our expanding dealer network provides service wherever we have machines
  • IQAN advanced diagnostics – it's easy to use and in most cases cuts out a lot of diagnostic time which gets you up and running quicker
  • Remote diagnostics by Exodus factory personnel is available at no cost to our customers
  • Exodus field service technicians and engineers and are ready to assist you whether it’s over the phone or onsite
  • Technical resources continue for the life of the machine
  • We are committed to doing the right thing and building long term relationships with our customers


  • 1 year unlimited hour full machine warranty is standard on all 2012 machines
  • Extended warranty plans on powertrain and hydraulics or for the full machine are available for 2, 3 and 4 years
Exodus Parts Service & Warranty