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What if you found a company that was capable of building the best but humble enough to listen? Big enough to invest in product development but small enough to really care about every customer? At Exodus Machines we've set out to be everything you’ve imagined an equipment manufacturer could be.

Our Perspective

This is who we are, where we came from and why we're here. We've been around the block a time or two and we know this is where we want to be.


  • We are determined to be the best and we believe the best can come from America
  • We value independent free thinking, creativity, and a willingness to step out and take risks
  • We value the customer above all else
  • We believe Exodus employees at all levels must maintain a direct connection with customers to keep the right perspective.
  • We believe that if we hire the right people, train them, and empower them to do their job, we will be successful
  • We view our suppliers and dealers as valued partners with invaluable insight.
  • We will always be a privately held company whose owners are engaged in the business. We're building this company to be around for the generations that follow us. This is why we take a long term view in all of our decisions.


We strive to create and foster the following characteristics at Exodus:

  • At Exodus we are open, honest, sincere and real
  • We are confident and intelligent but always humble
  • We are open to ideas no matter where they come from
  • We keep a "what if" attitude even when something seems impossible
  • We foster trust and respect at all levels and value each other for our unique abilities and contributions.


  • Exodus Machines Incorporated was founded by Bruce Bacon and is a privately held company with partners that are involved in running the business on a daily basis. The partners at Exodus have experience in the metal recycling equipment industry.
  • December 2007: Bruce Bacon, Jim Campbell, and Greg Bacon establish a business plan and begin working on customer research and feasibility studies to build purpose built wheeled material handlers.
  • April 2008: Exodus Machine Incorporated is formed.
  • May 2008: Adam Bennis, employee number 1 and chief engineer begins work on this massive project.
  • July 2008: Engineers Ben Anderson, Roche Lally and Angela Hill are now on staff. The city of Superior unanimously approves the land grant to Exodus Machines for its new headquarters.
  • August 2008: The machine begins to take shape. Engineers have compiled data from extensive customer research and established competitive benchmarking. Product parameters are established.
  • February 2009: All suppliers are selected. Bruce Bacon leaves Genesis Attachments as General Manager to work as a full-time employee at Exodus as President.
  • March 2009: Jim Campbell becomes VP of Manufacturing and Justin Bacon becomes Director of Procurement, Service and Parts.
  • May 2009: Exodus' all new manufacturing/office facility is completed.
  • 3 machines have been sold by this time.
  • Marisa Ring becomes Director of HR and Publications and Greg Bacon becomes VP of Sales and Marketing
  • July 2009: Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle visits Exodus for a candid conversation about the Exodus business plan and how Wisconsin can attract more businesses like Exodus.
  • September 2009: The first machine is delivered to Iron & Metals in Denver, CO
  • March 2010: Erb Equipment of St. Louis becomes the first Exodus dealer and takes delivery of a new MX447L.
  • March 2010: Miller-Bradford & Risberg based in the Milwaukee area becomes the second Exodus dealer and takes delivery of a new 447L.
  • April 2010: Highway Equipment of Pittsburgh becomes the third Exodus dealer and takes delivery of a new MX447L
  • May 2010: ISRI National Convention 2010 is the first show to have an Exodus machine on display and it's received with great enthusiasm.
  • June 2010: The first MX447HDRs are being delivered
  • December 2010: Exodus celebrates 30 100,000 pound class machines sold in 2010
  • April 2011: The new high feature steel cab is introduced along with several other customer driven product improvements
  • October 2011: Kevin Boreen becomes CEO
  • October 2011: The first 130,000 pound MX457R is delivered to All Recycling in Denver, CO
  • January 2012: Exodus and Caterpillar Incorporated create a new kind of partnership. 


  • Spring 2012: Major factory expansion will begin
  • Fall 2012: Introduction of the 80,000 pound machine
  • Summer 2013: Introduction of the 65,000 pound machine
Our Perspective Our Perspective Our Perspective Our Perspective